Let's welcome the bountiful year of the Ox!

Indulging in a Chinese New Year feast with loved ones is at the heart of this festive period. Celebrate this Chinese New Year with Executive Chef KT Yeo's traditional Chinese feasts specially curated to invoke the season's blessings.

Feast 1

Chef KT Yeo’s 发财 8-Course Gourmand Feast

Build business relationships with employees, colleagues and clients, and wish them a prosperous new year with an elegant Chinese feast for up to 10 persons.

Featuring Chef KT Yeo’s gastronomical signature dishes Double Prosperity Lo-Hei (双喜捞起), Sichuan “Mouth Watering” Chicken (口水鸡), and Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (佛跳墙), this traditional feast also comes with complimentary red packets and oranges!

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Feast 2

吉祥 Gourmand Box

Chef KT Yeo’s curated gourmet feast showcases his knowledge of the cuisine with dishes that exude sophistication visually and tantalise your taste buds, such as his signature Double Prosperity Lo-Hei (双喜捞起), Sichuan “Mouth Watering” Chicken (口水鸡), and his family heirloom recipe of Peanut Dumplings.
This luxurious feast invokes happiness, prosperity, wealth and success, and good health for all!
With complimentary red packets & oranges for every 10 sets confirmed.
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