Transform Your Corporate Events with the Gourmet Factor

Urbane Gourmand by Esseplore is a specially designed culinary experience for all corporate gatherings. With a community of private home chefs working from our speciality cloud kitchen led by Executive Chef KT, our ready-to-eat gourmet feasts aim to enhance communication by providing unparalleled delicious food and services.

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What We Offer

Delicious bites

An enhanced culinary experience with a variety of finger food, find the perfect menu for your virtual corporate events.

Singapore’s finest chefs

Choose among the best speciality and home chefs, each skilled in multiple cuisines.

Easy Setup

A simple process that allows you to integrate your virtual events with gourmet food is just a click away.

Quality Above All

Our curated menus use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and state-of-the-art kitchen equipment.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Excellent eco-friendly and premium packaging ensuring your meals remain hot.

Singapore-wide Delivery

Select delivery options that allow you to enjoy your feasts at your workplace or your home for virtual meetings.

(No GST, Service Charge & Corkage Fee)

With culinary guidance and curation by our Executive Chef and Head of Dining, KT Yeo.

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Choose from these delicious menus

Omakase (Otoro)

A traditional Japanese set made with premium Japanese ingredients and certified sustainable tuna. This set consists of organic Japanese tomato de-skinned and dressed with golden sesame sauce and the delicious Otoro, which is the best part of the bluefin tuna belly.

(low carb option available)


Omakase (Tokujou Wagyu)

This set is another Japanese delight. The highlight of this feast is the snow aged A4 Wagyu beef – ageing beef at a stable temperature using a Traditional Japanese method that brings out its sweetness and makes the meat tender.

(low carb option available)


Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Also called “Buddha’s Temptation”, this unusual Chinese speciality requires a lot of preparation. The soup is made from a list of animal ingredients excluding the more common ones in the dish such as abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, quail eggs and more.


Have a corporate meeting coming up? Virtual or not, we can deliver.

Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging

Learn how to integrate gourmet dining and business with Urbane Gourmand and Esseplore’s Virtual Meeting Training. This programme has been designed to equip you with the etiquette and strategies for enhancing productivity. Master how to plan and host successful virtual meetings over a unique virtual tasting today!

How will you benefit?


Create personalised experiences that allows you to merge gourmet meals with your virtual meetings.


Position your meetings as memorable discussions.


Community bonding through food with expert tips on engagement and maximizing the use of in-meeting Zoom tools.


Full access to solutions for the challenges faced by organisers in virtual meetings with a focus on how to integrate the element of food.

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Experience the magic of virtual meetings and gourmet over a delicious tasting.